We cover three main topics on FleaTreatmentCenter.com and that is how to treat fleas for your dog, cat, and yard. This page talks about how to control fleas in your yard and the best products to do so. We believe in a three-prong approach, home, yard, and the animal. If you want more information on how to treat fleas for your cat or dog click on the links below.

Top Rated Indoor/Outdoor Flea Treatment Products

1st Place – BioDefense Organic Indoor Home Pest Control Spray


Overall Rating
Speed of Results
Application Frequency
Kills Other Insects
Ease of Application

Eco-Friendly with No Pesticides
Many traditional flea and tick sprays have pesticides and chemicals in them which can make them potentially hazardous to your family and pets. Ingredients like permethrin and pyrethrin work to kill the fleas but many don’t want those chemicals in their homes.

2nd Place – Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap Review

Overall Rating
Speed of Results
Application Frequency
Kills Other Insects
Ease of Application

The “Ultimate” in Flea Treatment
If you’re hesitant to use the traditional sprays and chemicals in your home to get rid of fleas, you will really love this unique and effective way to take care of flea problems in your home. The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap has a whopping 93% catch rate and even lures fleas out of your carpeting and furniture from 30 feet away!

Yard Flea Treatment Comparison

PictureNameApplication FrequencyMethod of ApplicationRating
Wondercide NaturalDaily as NeededSpray4.9
Victor M230 Ultimate Flea TrapRun DailyTrap4.8
Vet's Best - Flea & Tick Home Sprayas NeededSpray4.6
Ultracide-flea Tick ProfessionalNo more than ONCE DailyAerosol Spray4.6
Orange Guard Water Based Home Pest ControlAs Needed DailySpray4.5
Aspectek Sticky Dome FleaTrapRun DailyTrap4.3
Diatomaceous Earth FoodOnce a Week for 3-4 weeksPowder4.2
Fleabusters RxOnce every 6-12 monthsPowder4.1
Vet's Best NaturalAs NeededSpray4
Precor IGR Insect Growth RegulatorAs Needed Monthly, lasts up to 7 monthsSpray Concentrate3.8

Treating the Yard

The last of the important trio to treat when getting rid of fleas is your yard.  There are many products available to treat your yard.  Be sure to read the instructions carefully when using any of these products and keep your dog away from the yard while the treatments are trying and settling.  Be sure to treat all of the areas that were mentioned in the walk-through you did in your yard.   Before getting started with treating your yard, clean up out there thoroughly; mow, weed eat, rake and take care of any leaf or wood piles that you have around.  Once the yard is clean, it’s ready for treatment.

Outdoor Sprays – Outdoor flea sprays can be used in all the areas that you have noted needing treatment.  Corners of outbuildings, in the dog house, under the porches and decks, in damp or moist areas, etc.  Anywhere you noted on your list include in your spraying.  Be sure to check the spray you’re getting and get a safe outdoor spray that won’t kill your plants, flowers, and animals.  Make sure there are no toys lying around while you spray and wear the proper safety gear as well such as goggles, mask, and gloves.

Diatomaceous Earth – This powder is a non-toxic flea treatment that is made from finely ground fossils that are fed to animals to control internal pests that can plague them.  It’s also sprinkled on the dog’s bedding in the doghouse to control fleas.  Many use it instead of boric acid due to its nontoxic properties.

Flooding the Yard – While this doesn’t involve chemicals or a product, flooding the yard can be a way to get rid of the fleas. Eggs and larvae can’t survive when flooded with water but this method is to be used AFTER the fleas have been taken care of as it will not kill the adult fleas or the pupae at all.