Advantix II K9 Blue Review

Advantix II K9 Blue Review


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Get a Jumpstart on Flea Control

Whenever warm weather comes around, fleas are guaranteed to start showing up as well since this is their favorite type of weather.

Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs is the perfect product to get control of those fleas BFORE they become a problem.

Even if your dog doesn’t go out very often, this flea treatment will help you remain in control of fleas on your extra large dog.

Age Requirements to use this Product

Flea treatments are typically determined more by weight than age. A super young puppy should never use a flea treatment that is not specifically given to them by a veterinarian. Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs is perfect for extra large breeds that weigh over 55 pounds.  Even if your dog is young, as long as they weigh over 55 pounds and are older than 7 weeks, this product will be fine to use on them to kill and prevent fleas.

Things to Watch out for

Because Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs is a chemical, you need to take some precautions and watch out for a few things when using it.  It can cause irritation to your eyes if you accidentally get some in it, so be diligent about washing your hands thoroughly immediately after applying it to your dog.

It is also harmful if it gets ingested, so make sure to always keep it way out of reach of children of any age due to the fact that the tubes can be fascinating to squeeze for a child.  You don’t want them to accidentally chew on it or squeeze some into their eyes.

If your dog is older, ill in some way, pregnant or a nursing mother, you will want to check with your veterinarian before using it.  They will let you know what circumstances it is not a good idea.  Never use it on a puppy that is younger than 7 weeks of age and it’s never to be used on cats or any other animal that is not a dog.

Some pet owners have cats and dogs that are great friends with each other and the cat will “groom” their dog friend. If you have applied Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs to your dog and your cat grooms them it can cause very serious problems for your cat.  Be very watchful of the products you use on your dogs when you also have cats.  If the two ignore each other, you should be fine.

Animals can have allergic reactions to products just like people can.  If you notice your dog acting oddly after you apply Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs, give your veterinarian a call and let them know what the dog is doing. They will know whether a further check up is necessary.  Last but not least, do not add to water or allow your dog to swim in any fish ponds you may have as this product is toxic to fish. When disposing of the package, do so in a safe way that won’t allow other pets or children to get a hold of it.

What does it Kill/Repel

Advantix II K9 killWhen you use Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs on your dog, you will be protecting them against fleas no matter what stage they are in their development. (egg, larvae, pupae or adult)

It will kill the adult fleas that are present on your dog and will also prevent eggs, larvae and pupae from developing any further than their current stage.

This helps get rid of the chance of recurrence of fleas as long as you are making sure that the fleas haven’t infested other areas such as home or yard.

This product will also help protecting your dog by killing the fleas that jump onto your dog when they go back outside, etc.

Along with taking care of the fleas that are plaguing your dog, this flea treatment will provide complete tick and mosquito protection as well.  There are several species of ticks that can get on your pet. This flea treatment takes care of:

  • Deer Ticks
  • American Dog Ticks
  • Brown Dog Ticks
  • Lone Star Ticks

Those biting flies are repelled too which can be real painful when they are constantly attacking your dog.  You can also take care of any lice that the dog may have or get within 1 week of treatment.

Application Method and Instructions

Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs is a topical spot treatment that is placed in 4 spots down the spine of the dog.  It is easy to apply usually and if you dog likes to move around a lot, having someone hold them still while you apply the treatment makes pretty fast and simple work of it.  The steps are easy:

  1. Remove the tube from the package and use scissors to open (or twist if it is a twist top)
  2. Have the dog stand in an easy to reach place in front of you (this is where you may want to have someone hold them still)
  3. Part the hair and squeeze out a portion of the solution, being careful not to apply too much to any one spot. Do this three more times down the dog’s spine.
  4. Dispose of container safely
  5. Immediately wash hands with soap and water

That’s all there is to the application process.  It causes no pain to your dog and does not burn either.

Speed of Results

You can expect to start seeing results in the form of dead fleas and less scratching within 12 hours or so of application. You can expect this flea treatment to be effective for up to 4 weeks but if there is a bad infestation going on, you can apply it more often as long as it is not more than once every 7 days.

Ingredients Used

There are three main ingredients in Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs:

  • Imidacloprid – kills adult fleas and larvae as well as killing larval stages
  • Permethrin – reduces parasite bites by repelling ticks, sand flies and mosquitoes, and reduces the risk of disease and stress for your pet
  • Pyriproxyfen- Interrupts the flea cycle at multiple stages preventing additional development of eggs and larvae.

What are Customers Saying?

Customer feedback is a great way to hear about other customers’ experiences before you spend your money.  It’s a very valuable method f product evaluation that many consumers use on all the products they purchase. Below are some of the things people are saying about Advantix K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs.

If you need a great product that is waterproof, easy to apply and that really works to relieve your dog’s flea problem as well as protecting them from other things, this is the one to get.


Fleas are always a headache to deal with and Advantix II K9 Blue for Extra Large Dogs can make this annoyance a thing of the past. With regular use you will be on top of the problem rather than trying to fix it and your dog will be much healthier and happier.  There are many flea remedies on the market today so finding one that is effective and easy to use makes pet owners who use it very happy.

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