Best Flea Fogger Reviews

Are you having a hard time ridding your home of the fleas that the dog dragged in? We understand how frustrating that can be and have a great product for you to check out.

In fact, many of us have also experienced the same horrifying situation. There is nothing worse than trying everything you can and still being stuck with an infestation of fleas or bedbugs.

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Best Flea Fogger

How do fleas get into your home?

Fleas can come from one of two places either your animal coming in contact with an infected animal or through the environment. Who knew fleas can attack animals who are simply out in the backyard?

How do bedbugs show up in your home?

Bedbugs are more discreet when they enter your home. They are hitchhikers and attach themselves to clothes, luggage, beds and bedding. They are more discreet when they enter your home. They are hitchhikers and attach themselves to clothes, luggage, beds and bedding.

Can you get fleas or bedbugs in a clean house?

Contrary to what most people believe fleas and ticks don’t discriminate. If they can find a way into your home they will.

Are fleas dangerous to humans and pets?

Fleas can cause itching because they do bite, but they are relatively harmless. They can, however, cause secondary infections from people and pets itching themselves.

Are bedbugs dangerous to humans or pets?

Bedbugs cause the same issues as fleas they bite and cause you to itch which can lead to secondary infection. The only difference is that they are found to bite any area of exposed skin whereas fleas simply like to nibble at your ankles.

How to detect fleas on your dog or in your house? 

Fleas are easy to detect because your dog will start scratching incessantly. Then spread the dog’s fur and take a look at the skin to see if he or she has fleas.

How to detect bedbugs in your home?

Bedbugs are more difficult to spot because they are smaller than fleas. You can detect them by the residue they leave behind which is rust colored and often a stinky smell comes along with it.

You are not alone in dealing with fleas

I have experienced fleas in my home twice and they can be quite pesky to get rid of. The first time was after we picked up our dog from the kennel.

It was a kennel where they allow the dogs to come together in a common area to play. When we returned from vacation we brought home our dog and all her fleas along with her.

Nothing quite like uninvited house guests and I was going to do everything in my power to kick them out. The first time around we were able to rid the house of fleas quickly.

Fast forward 15 years and we were playing this game all over again with a new dog. Apparently, she brought them in from the free mulch we used in our backyard.

The worst part is that we didn’t remember what product worked the first time around. We spent hundreds of dollars trying every product on the market we could think of.


Finally, we stumbled upon a great product that helped to get rid of the infestation. Believe me when I say that we will never use another product again.

It is the Hot Shot 95911 Bedbug and Flea Fogger.

  • Treats 2000 SQ FT of space that is not blocked by walls
  • Comes with three foggers to be placed in separate rooms.
  • Contains nylar
  • Stops fleas from dead in their tracks before they become adults
  • Works for over 6 months
  • Kills other annoying creatures such as lice and ticks

Remember that you will have to leave the house for a few hours while the foggers work their magic. Also, plan to take any animals with you and leave cabinets and closets open because fleas and bedbugs are great at hiding in small spaces.

Make sure that you also treat your animals with separate products that can be bought at the pet store. Treating your house will do no good if your dog still has live creatures hanging around on his back.

Don’t worry about turning off any of your appliances or water heater as it will not cause any problems with those units.

The price point on this product is excellent and it worked well for me so it is definitely worth trying in your home. Soon your home will be back to normal and you will be glad you purchased the Hot Shot 95911 Bedbug and Flea Fogger