Capstar Flea Treatment Cat Review

Capstar Flea Treatment Cat Review


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Start Killing Fleas in 30 Minutes!

Capstar Flea treatment for Cats is one of the few pills that can be given once a day of needed. This is very beneficial if you are dealing with a heavy infestation on your cat and in your home and yard.

If you give your cat one Capstar pill each day while you are treating your yard and home too, it will give you a jumpstart on getting control of the flea problem.

Age Requirements of the Pet

One of the great things about Capstar Flea Treatment for cats is that it can safely be used on kittens as young as 4 weeks of age.  It is one of the few treatments that can be used on animals this young.  Since many 6 week old kittens have fleas, this is great news for those who have kittens this age.  Instead of having to let them suffer, you can give them a Capstar pill and the fleas will be gone.

Things to Watch Out for

Whenever you give your pet an oral pill there is always a possibility of a reaction of some kind.  While side effects and problems are rare, there are some cats or kittens that will have an adverse reaction to taking the Capstar pill.  Below is a list of potential side effects to watch for in your cat after you give them their flea treatment pill.

  • Itching
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Seizures
  • Excessive salivation
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Nervousness

If your cat displays any of these symptoms or anything else that is unusual or not within their normal behavior, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately. Sometimes your cat may seem to scratch more right after taking the pill but this is a result of the fleas dying and not because of an allergic reaction. If it gets worse or does not stop, go ahead and call your vet to see what their thoughts are.

What does it Kill/Repel

Capstar is designed to kill adult fleas that are on your cat.  It does not kill ticks or lice, but it is primarily for use on cats that are battling a flea problem. The benefit to killing the adult fleas is that it prevents them from laying eggs on your dog.  It is not meant to be a preventative and works best when combined with a long term preventative flea killer/preventer.

Application Method and Instructions

Capstar Flea AppCapstar Flea and tick treatment is an oral medication that can be given up to once a day to kill existing adult fleas that are on your cat.

If your cat does not take the chewable pill on its own, you can hide it in a spoonful of your cat’s favorite canned food or some other treat they can’t resist.

Make sure that you stay with them while they are eating it so you are sure they have ingested the pill.

Speed of Results

The Capstar flea and tick treatment begins working in as little as 30 minutes from the time you give them the pill.  It continues to work for the next few hours, killing all the adult fleas that are on your cat.

Ingredients Used

Nitenpyram is the active ingredient in Capstar and is responsible for killing the adult fleas on your pet.  It is safe for kittens and cats as young as 4 weeks of age and can be taken by pregnant and nursing cats as well.  There is no danger to your cat with this ingredient unless they happen to have an unusual allergic reaction to it.

What are Customers Saying?

Customer feedback and comments are a great way for a consumer to get a deeper look at a product they want to purchase. Since people love to talk about their experiences for the most part, you can find out how a product is doing, if there are any issues or problems and even find out about the company’s customer service support.  Below are some of the things people have to say about Capstar Flea and Tick treatment.

If you are just beginning a flea treatment program, Capstar can give you a great head start by killing all the fleas on your cat. It works fast.


Getting rid of fleas can feel like a losing battle sometimes, but this is where Capstar can really shine.  While you are working on getting rid of the fleas in the home and in the yard, you can give you cat a Capstar pill and it will begin killing fleas within 30 minutes.  Give them one every day while you are taking care of the rest of the home and yard and the whole area will be free of fleas.

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