The Difference Between a Flea vs Bed Bug

Talking about bugs that can worm their way into household is never a pleasant subject. People seem to have some confusion about flea versus bed bug infestations.

First off, fleas are a common parasite that wedge into pets’ fur. They are often seen in mange dogs and other animals that have been severely neglected. A household dog could catch fleas however, so it is important for the pet owner to take note of symptoms such as scratching and howling. If the pet appears to be in chronic discomfort, it is time for a trip to the vet.

When fleas infest an animal, the owner needs to administer a medication to get rid of them. They will still remain lodged into the fur and even skin of an animal, so they will need to be picked out by hand once dead. If the animal is extremely mange, several treatments might be necessary. With this, persistence is key.

No Need To Worry

An owner does not need to worry about the fleas attacking the humans in the household. Mainly, the evidence of fleas from pets can be seen in the carpet as flea feces resembles black pepper. If the carpet is looking dirtier than usual after a pet tracks through, then checking the animal for fleas is important. Fleas tend not to be found in bedding.

Bed bugs on the other hand, are common inhabitants of a bed. They are nocturnal parasites that feed on human blood. In order to avoid this bug, humans should make sure that they keep up with all house work. Do not accept charity items without ensuring that the last household did not have a bed bug infestation. There are some sprays that claim to get rid of bed bugs, but it is best to let the professionals deal with the aftermath of an infestation. Usually the furniture ends up needing to be destroyed to avoid re infestation.

If a person suspects bed bugs, then the first thing to look out for is a rash of bites on the body. These bites might look like mosquito bites and will be itchy. They literally appear over night because the bed bugs will crawl into the bed sensing heat spots coming from the human. Bed bugs are blind so they rely on their sense of heat to locate humans.

Bed bugs are fast creatures and it is not easy to catch them in action. Check the bath tub for bugs as sometimes the bugs will sleep there unknowing that they will be caught. Sometimes though beetles can resemble bed bugs so do not jump to conclusion if there are a few summer bugs in the home. Bed bugs do not have wings so they will never be caught in air. Taping double sided tape to the floor boards of a home is another good way to check for bed bugs that crawl out from small corners, where they like to sleep, into the bed at night.

Bed bugs and fleas are both persistent parasites that should never be ignored. The infestation will only get worse over time.