How Does a Dog get Fleas?

Fleas are bothersome parasites that love to suck the life out other animals; especially dogs. When a dog gets fleas, they can really get irritated. Let’s examine the most common ways that dogs get fleas. Once you discover how this happens, hopefully it can help you to keep your pooch free from these pesky creatures. How does a dog get fleas? Let’s find out.

Why are fleas so irritating to dogs?

Fleas irritate dogs because they suck the blood out of them and they cause them rashes. In some cases, these pests even cause disease. Just imagine someone sucking the blood out of your body. This is what a flea does a canine. These creatures can seriously annoy a dog or cause them some serious health issues. The best ways to get rid of fleas is avoid them all together.

Common ways that Dogs get Fleas

Here is a basic list of the common ways that dogs get fleas:

  • Going outside. When a dog goes outside they will always run the risk of getting fleas. There is no way of getting around this truth. Fleas are just present within nature. They not only suck the life out of dogs, they also attack other animals such as mice, rats and rodents.
  • Moist and damp areas. Pet owners who take their animals to moist and wet areas should frequently check them for fleas. Many fleas are known to live in these areas. Especially, where there is a lot of shade. So, pet owners should avoid these areas at all cost.
  • Pet owners can have fleas in their home. People can have fleas in their home and not even know about it. The best thing that they can do is to check their home for fleas. This is especially true if they have a bunch of animals. Fleas can travel within a person’s home within a number of different ways. A pet owner cannot be too cautious in this area.
  • Dog facilities and pet shops can have fleas. Many of the veterinarian offices and pet shops might be loaded with fleas. A dog can get them from their daily checkup visit at the vet. Most facilities do everything they can to keep them free from fleas. However, if they deal with many animals; this might not be enough. Pet owners should be mindful of this when they take their pets to the vets for a checkup.
  • Other animals can give dogs fleas. Other animals can give dog fleas. We already discussed how fleas are already out in nature and how they travel from animal to animal. Pet owners should cautiously allow their dogs to interact with other creatures to ensure that they are not being overrun with fleas.

Keep in mind that fleas are very common to all pets. They are just a fact of life. They have and will always be around. Using a very high quality dog collar and flea shampoos does help. However, the best line of defense against fleas is regular check your dog for these pests and to keep them as clean as possible.