Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

Have you ever found your kitchen jam-packed with fruit flies? Immediately, you will ask yourself “where did these insects come from?”

Fruit flies multiply easily and are tough to get rid of once they invade your house. Many theories have been raised about the existence of fruit flies, but most of them are not true.

Many people have the ideology that fruit flies originate supernaturally from rotting fruits or meat. Such a theory has never been approved by specialists.

Fruit flies require a food source for them to survive. It does not matter whether your home is clean all the time. Fruit flies will appear without warning.

Fruit flies follow the basic procedure of reproduction and it is very fast. And thus why you will find fruit flies hovering in your kitchen overnight.

To curb the menace of fruit flies, it is wise to educate yourself about where do fruit flies come from. You also need to know how to get rid of fruit flies and avoid any risks associated with these tiny insects.

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From- Life Cycle of Fruit Flies

It is easy to know what fruit flies look like when they invade your kitchen and sitting on your fruits. Fruit flies are small insects with a brownish body and black abdominal region but differ from one species to another.

Fruit flies also have bright red eyes and differ from one region to another. There are about 175 fruit flies species in Northern America and about 3000 species in different parts of the world.

Fruit flies breed fast and in a life cycle of four stages. Their chronological life cycle looks like this

  1. The female fruit fly will find a suitable place such as a fruit bowl, damp rags or empty wine bottles and lay eggs. Fruit fly eggs will hatch within 24 hours and you will not miss them in your kitchen the next day.
  1. The larvae will hatch and start feeding on the available food. A fruit fly larvae will look exactly like the larvae of a normal house fly but change as they grow.
  1. During this stage, the larvae will change to a fruit fly with a hardened outer shell. Within a short while, you will start seeing small insects hovering around your kitchen.
  1. At this stage, you will have a fruit fly buzzing around your house feasting on available foods. Amusingly, within 60 hours, the female fruit flies will be able to lay up to 500 eggs.

And within the next 48 hours, you will have another swarm of fruit flies attacking anything rotten in the kitchen.

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are a common nuisance in our homes. It is wise to know how to get rid of these insects once you have identified them.

You may be wondering what time of the year do fruit flies invade our homes. The peak season of fruit flies is when we are consuming high quantities of sugary drinks.

Fruit flies also increase in number when fruits are ripening. And so, you have to go for the best methods of getting rid of fruit flies.

It is quite easy to get rid of fruit flies. It is a process that you can do yourself without calling insect preventive care unit within your locality. Here is how you do it;

  • Make a trap by mixing apple cider vinegar with dish soap and pour the mixture into a bowl or jar full of trapped flies.
  • Pour leftover wine into a jar full of a swarm of fruit flies.
  • Mash up banana slices into a bowl and tightly cover it with a plastic wrap and attract fruit flies to their death trap.
  • Pour bleach solution into the bathroom or kitchen sink and kill the fruit flies in the sink.
  • If you are dealing with a large swarm of fruit flies, use an insect fogging product and kill all the trapped fruit flies.
  • Place rotten fruits into a jar and attract fruit flies to their death trap.

With enough information on where fruit flies come from and how to get rid of them, ensure you keep them away always. This is possible by ensuring that all your dishes are clean and there is no dirt in the sink.

Cover trash bags always and get rid of damp areas. Ensure all wine bottles are tightly covered and properly kept. By doing so, you will completely get rid of fruit flies in your house.

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