How do You Get Bed Bugs: Common Causes

Bed bugs have been a real problem is the past couple of years. The bed bug epidemic has made these pests a common problem. Still you may wonder how do you get bed bugs? These are some common ways that bed bugs can infect the home and what you can do to stop them.


Bed bugs are attracted to your pets. A dog or a cat is a common way that these bugs are able to get to the home. If the animals go outside to play and then come inside they can transfer these bugs on their fit. The risk of bed bugs also increases if the pet is allowed to sleep on the bed or a coach. Bed bugs live off of the blood of animals and humans. If the bugs are able to attach to your pet is it like they are getting a free ride to a buffet.


If you venture outside of the United States be sure to take extra precautions. Bed bugs are common in foreign countries and are able to attach themselves to suitcases. You may bring a bed bug back home with you and not even know it. Be sure to wash all of your clothing before you put it away after traveling . Clean clothing should also be washed. Suitcases should be inspected to make sure there are no bugs on them.


Bed bugs are becoming immune to common pesticides. The use of DDT was able to kill bed bugs and they were almost a thing of the past. This pesticide was found to be harmful to a person’s health and so it was banned. Since this time bed bugs have been making a comeback. This is now one of the most common parasites in the United States.

 Old Books

If you like to read you may visit a yard sale and get some old books at a really good price. This may not be a good idea. Bed bugs like to hide in the binder of these old books. They are hard to see. It is better off to visit the library than to bring these pests into the home.

 Infested People

If you let someone into your home that has a bed bug problem of their own they can be infecting your home. Bed bugs can cling to people as well as their clothing. If a person has bed bug and comes into your home they can bring the bugs with them. It may not be easy to tell if a person has bed bugs. Be cautions when letting people in , especially people that you do not know that well.

 Buying Secondhand

If you purchase second hand furniture or clothing be sure to give it a good cleaning before it is brought into the home. Older furniture can be infested with bed bugs. The bugs will live in this furniture and they will have a feast once they are brought into the home. Be sure to purchase furniture from trusted sources and clean it before it makes it into the front door.

 Signs of Bed Bugs

There are some ways to tell if your home has been infected by bed bugs. If you have an infection you will notice bite marks on your body including your face and arms. It may take 14 days for these marks to become visible. There are some other common signs of these begs. In many cases you will be able to see the exoskeleton of bed bugs as they molt. These bugs can be seen in the folds of the mattresses as well as on the sheets on the bed. If there is little rust covered spots on your bed this is a sign of infection. These spots are really fecal matter from the bugs that are filled with blood.

These are some common ways that you can get bed bugs in your home. To decrease the chance of an infestation be sure to was bed sheets often. Be on the lookout for anything that is abnormal on the bed. The sooner you catch bed bugs the more likely you are to stop the spread of these bugs before they become a real problem.