How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

In this era, bed bugs have undergone a dramatic resurgence as they have evolved resistance to the common insecticides. Bed bugs resurgence has raised awareness and increased the need to know how to eliminate or get rid of an infestation. Bed bugs are travelers and can be transported via clothing, luggage, furniture, and bedding. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to act immediately after the first sign of infestation by using an integrated pest approach that involves prevention, chemical treatment, and sanitation. Bed bugs are persistent, and many people lack the persistence to handle bed bugs. What many people do not know is that it is possible to eliminate infestation of bed bugs even without the help of an expert. Here are ways in which you can get rid of bed bugs.

Recognize signs of infestation

The first step to getting rid of bed bugs is by recognizing signs of bed bug infestation. A rash can identify an infestation that in most cases are similar to that of a mosquito bite. If the infestation is severe, the signs of bites can be noted even during the day. A bed bug bite spreads out and swells and can also come in lines. Dark spots of dried bed bug blood can be found wherever the bed bugs have resided. Bedbugs can cling on air conditioners, electronic, curtain rods, chairs, walls, and even in beds.

Reduce clutter

After you have recognized the signs of bed bugs, reduce clutter so as to make the inspection easier. When removing your items from the infested areas, be very careful not to transfer the bed bugs. Remove personal items such as soft toys, blankets, and electronics for cleaning. Remove drawers from dressers and desks and inspect the furniture and ensure that you clean all the hiding spots. Ensure that you pull all furniture away from walls. Make sure that you check sofas and chairs paying close attention to the tufts, seams, and crevices beneath cushions.

Dismantle the bed

Remove the box spring so that you can gain access to inspection and treatment. Examine crevices and cracks if the bed frames are wood. Bed bugs have a higher affinity for fabric and wood more than plastic or metal. If the box springs and the mattress are infested, it is advisable to get rid of them since their treatment is difficult. It is recommended to place a mattress cover that is bed bug proof over an infested mattress so that you can trap the bed bugs inside to starve them. As such, you will not have to buy a new mattress or a box spring and future inspection and treatment are made easier.

Point steam the bed bugs

Purchase a device that can generate stream at a reputable hardware. In case you don’t get such a device, you can convert your electric kettle to a steam machine. You can do this by attaching a flexible tube. The good thing about steam is that it kills bed bugs and their eggs thus they cannot breed again. Ensure that you steam all the corners, seams, and all hiding spots.

Take infested items to the laundry

In case some items can’t be laundered, you can de-infest them by heating. You can wrap your individual, items in a plastic or nylon and place them in a sunny location for a few days. You can also succumb the bed bug to cold temperatures below freezing for at least two weeks. Machine wash all linen, leather bags, clothing, mattress covers, and even the laundry bags in a hot setting. You can choose to take the items to experts offering bed bug dry cleaning and laundry services as most of them use proven methods for killing bed bugs. Also, these expert services ensure that bed bugs will not be re-infested. Items that you cannot discard or wash should be sprayed with non-toxic bed bug spray. Make sure you dry clean all the items to remove odor.

Vacuum and spray

Ensure that you vacuum your mattress, under your bed, inside the bed frame and along your baseboard. While you are cleaning, make sure that you are very thorough in all the crevices and cracks since these are the places where bed bugs and eggs are hiding. Dispose the vacuum bag in the trash and then wrap your mattress in the bed bug-proof encasement. This will be able to prevent bed bugs from hiding and making nests in your mattress. Lastly, spray and scrub all the hard surfaces such as bed frames, headboards, baseboards and floors with a good brush and then spray with pesticide sprays for bed bugs. Make sure that you read all the instructions on the label. Follow all the instructions properly so that achieve good results.

Starve the bed bugs

Sometimes even if you spray your house, bed bugs are usually resistant to the most of over the counter pesticides. They are very good at hiding and so even after spraying they can still be thriving in your walls and carpet. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is by denying them their main source of food that is you and your family. There are a variety of bed bugs traps to choose from. You can use interceptor cups or scent traps. Ensure that you dispose of the trapped insects as soon as possible so that to avoid spreading bed bugs throughout your house.