How To Apply Flea Treatment To Dogs

Although applying flea treatment to your dog may not always be easily, it is an essential part of every pet care routine. Without regular flea treatments, pets run the risk of becoming infested with parasites which can cause itching, skin problems and sickness. There are several types of flea treatment which can be given to dogs, although for long-term protection, spot-on methods are recommended. Here are some guidelines for you to follow when you need to apply a flea treatment to your dog.

Ensuring Healthy Skin

All flea treatments work best when they are applied to healthy skin, so it is important to ensure that your dog’s skin is flexible and soft as dry or unhealthy skin does not carry the medication properly through into the epidermis. Giving your dog a healthy diet is the best way to ensure its skin is as healthy as possible.

How To Apply Spot On Treatments

Spot-on treatments should be applied to your dog’s back in an area that they cannot lick as the treatment can make them sick if ingested. Remember that your pet’s fur cannot absorb the treatment and therefore it must be applied only directly to the skin. To do this, you should find a patch of skin on the top of your dog’s back towards the neck area. Part the hair so that you can see the skin beneath. Open the applicator and place the tip onto your dog’s skin. Apply the entire tube to your dog’s back in either one or two spots depending on the size and weight of your pet, but leave to dry naturally and do not rub into the skin. Always make sure that you are using a product suitable for your pet’s size and weight to ensure that they are receiving the correct dosage. Make sure that you do not touch the tip of the applicator. To receive the full benefit of this product, it is important to ensure that your dog does not become excessively wet over the next 12 to 48 hours and is not licked or groomed by any other family pet.

Applying Flea Spray To Dogs

If you are using a flea spray on your pet, you should not apply the spray directly onto the animal’s head or face. Instead, put on a pair of latex gloves and spray the substance onto the gloves before rubbing it into the area around your dog’s ears, face and neck. You can then apply the spray directly to the fur on your dog’s body, making sure that you use your gloved hand to ruffle back the fur to get the spray right down to the skin. Ensure that you have applied enough spray to make your dog’s fur wet.

Giving Your Dog A Flea Tablet

Although giving a tablet to your dog is never easy, there are someways to make it simpler. One way to ensure your pet has taken their flea tablet is to hide it inside a piece of chicken or other treat which they will eat in one bite. Alternatively, choose a flea tablet which has a flavor that your dogs enjoy.