Is Flea Medication Safe for My Pet

Is Flea Medication Safe for My Pet

Most pet owners don’t think of their animals as pets, but more like children with fur. If you have a special bond with your pets, you obviously want to do everything in your power to make sure that they’re safe, healthy and happy. The last thing you want to do is something that could potentially cause them harm, whether that is through action or inaction.

A perfect example is choosing the right flea treatment for your pet. It’s common to worry so much about whether or not flea medication is safe for your pet that you eventually choose not to administer it at all. However, this could be doing more harm than good.

Is Flea Treatment Really Safe?

Flea medication is safe for most pets. Unfortunately, it isn’t safe in every case, and there are times where the only way to know that is to administer the medication and see what happens. If you’re a loving pet owner, this is something that probably terrifies you right to your core. After all, when you consider your pet to be more of a family member than anything, you don’t want to do something that could potentially cause her harm.

You probably see it as your job to protect her and make sure that she has a happy and healthy life. Therefore, the very idea that you could give her something that might harm her is enough to make your stomach turn. That’s precisely why so many pet owners don’t even administer flea medication in the first place.

Is Flea Medication Safe for My Pet

What Are the Potential Risks?

Almost all types of flea medication carry similar risks. The good news is that the majority of pets don’t experience any side effects at all. That means you can give the medication safely and never even notice a difference in your pet with the exception that they’re not constantly scratching and biting at themselves. Unfortunately, some pets do experience some minor side effects for a few days after you administer the medication. They might not be too interested in eating, and they might spend a lot more time laying around than they usually do.

This is scary enough if your pet is typically active and likes to eat. Sadly, some pets do have rather extreme reactions because they’re allergic to the medication when it’s administered without the owner’s knowledge. In some cases, animals have a bad reaction to the medication, and they begin to have seizures. That’s why it’s important to talk to your veterinarian before you start your pet on any type of flea medication because they can help you work through all of these doubts and concerns.

What’s the Biggest Risk?

Even though flea medication has some inherent risks, the biggest risk is actually failing to treat your pet. Fleas aren’t just annoying; they can carry a lot of diseases. When they get on your pet, and they start to bite, you have no way of knowing if a disease has been transmitted to your best friend because of a flea until they start to exhibit symptoms. In most cases these diseases are treatable, but in some instances, the damage has already been done. By the time you start to notice changes in your pet, it’s too late to do anything about it. Therefore, it’s best to treat your pet for fleas as opposed to not giving them anything at all and hoping that nothing happens.

Is Flea Medication Safe for My Pet

The Best Course of Action

The best thing you can do is choose a medication that has a good track record and doesn’t have a long list of potential problems associated with it. If you start out with the gentlest medication that works for your pet, you can probably keep them on that same medication for the rest of their life. Again, this is why it’s so important to build relationships with your veterinarian. They can give you vital information that you really can’t get anywhere else. If you know that you can trust what they’re telling you, it really cuts down on the anxiety that you feel like a pet owner when it comes to choosing the right medication in the first place.

It’s understandable that you might be apprehensive about giving flea medication the first few times. However, after you do it a few times, you’ll start to gain confidence, especially when you notice that your pet isn’t always miserable because she’s scratching so much. Despite the potential risks, the safest thing you can do is give flea medication to your pet. It’s actually a lot safer than not providing medication and rolling the dice when it comes to potential illnesses caused by fleas.