Orange Guard Water Based Home Pest Control Review

Orange Guard Water Based Home Pest Control Review

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Is Orange the New Flea Killer?

Orange Guard was created when Inventor tor McPartland was looking for alternatives to pest control that didn’t have all the usual pesticides in them.

He discovered through research that orange peel is a natural repellent.  After 14 years in research and development he introduced his first product to the public.

That product was Orange Guard, water based, indoor and outdoor insecticide that is safe to use around people, pets and food.

It works to kill fleas, ants, mites, lice, roaches and a slew of other pests without the harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals found in most other traditional repellents.

What does it Kill/Repel

Orange Guard kills fleas, lice, mites, roaches, ants, spiders and many, many other pests that can invade the home and affect the pets. There are too many to list here, but with regular use of this product, not only will your flea problem go away, any other pests will too.

Speed of Results

Orange Guard works to repel insects as well as killing them when sprayed directly and the results are very fast. You will see long term results as well by spraying Orange Guard in the cracks and crevices of your home.  Bugs are killed on contact and fleas will die too although not instantly.

Application Method and Instructions

Treating your home with Orange Guard is very easy and doesn’t require having to remove pets and children or leave the home while it is being done.  All you need to do to treat your home is go around and spray Orange Guard in all the cracks and crevices in your home, especially where you see the most fleas.  If you get Orange Guard on the counters, just let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it up.

You can also spray it on furniture, under beds, under cushions, in the bottom of closets and even on the pet’s bedding.  One of the benefits to this product is that it leaves a fantastic orange scent that is very pleasant and fresh smelling.  No chemicals to choke you or your family.

Ingredients Used

The main active ingredient in Orange Guard is d-Limonene and other inert ingredients, none of which are harmful for people or animals.  A lot of research went into the creation of this product and it was discovered the fantastic, instant killing effect it had on pests of all kinds including fleas, lice and mites.

Things to Watch Out for

Orange Guard is a product that there is really nothing to “watch out” for.   Of course you can’t drink this and children shouldn’t play with the bottle at all, but there is nothing to worry about in terms of hazardous chemicals and other health risks that are prevalent with regular flea treatments.

Safe for Pets and Children to be Around?

This product is absolutely safe to be used around children and pets.  It is made of all natural ingredients that are safe around food as well.

Safe for Plants/flowers?

There are no known risks associated with this product and plants or flowers.  The spray shouldn’t be sprayed directly on the plants and flowers, but it can be sprayed around them with no problems.

What are Customers Saying?

Customer feedback is a great way to learn about a product you are interested in.  People are almost always ready and willing to talk about their experiences with something they have purchased and used.  It is beneficial to you because much of the things they report would not be available on the selling site. Below are some of the things customers have to say about Orange Guard.

If you are looking for an alternative to chemical flea treatments, Orange Guard may be just what you’re looking for.  All natural and safe for use around animals and pets, it’s also the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from allergies.


Killing fleas can be a real chore and the chemicals that are in some products can be really hard on respiratory systems. Sometimes people just can’t use them. Orange Guard takes care of all that and provides a natural means of getting rid of them when used in combination with other methods such as a monthly preventative for the pets and other natural methods that aid in the fight.  Your house will smell great and fleas and other pests will become a thing of the past.

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