Ovitrol Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo Review

Ovitrol Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo Review

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Kills fleas and Takes Care of Your Dog’s Coat too

A good flea and tick shampoo is sometimes hard to find but Ovitrol knocks it out of the park with a flea and tick shampoo that really works, without damaging the skin or coat of your dog.  It’s made with ingredients that not only kill fleas and ticks, but the eggs and larvae too.

This great smelling shampoo is enriched with oatmeal, coconut extract, lanolin and aloe to condition your dog’s coat and make it silky and soft. It’s a great way to kill the fleas that are plaguing your pet and help him feel a lot better.

Age requirements of the pet

Ovitrol plus Flea and tick Shampoo can be used on dogs and puppies 12 weeks of age and older.  If your dog is a senior or has any kind of debilitating illness, please consult your veterinarian before using it on them.

Things to watch out for

One of the things you need to watch out for is getting shampoo in your dog’s eyes as it can cause moderate eye irritation.  Some pets with extra sensitive skin may have allergies to certain products so if you notice anything unusual after bathing your dog with this shampoo; consult your veterinarian right away.  Sensitivities can include:

  • Irritation of the skin
  • Excessive itching or scratching not associated with fleas
  • Lethargy

Most pet owners who used Ovitrol plus Flea and Tick Shampoo on their dogs noticed no problems at all but it is always a possibility since dogs can have allergies just like humans can.

What does it Kill/Repel

You can expect this shampoo to kill adult fleas, chewing lice and ticks on contact while in the bath.  Additionally, it prevents eggs from hatching for 28 days and soothes the dog’s skin as well thanks to the added ingredients of aloe, oatmeal, and other soothing properties.

Application method and instructions

Ovitrol plus Flea and Tick Shampoo is a topical product that kills fleas, lice and ticks.  It can be used every 7-10 days on dogs and puppies 12 weeks of age and older.  You can use the shampoo full strength or dilute it with 2 pars water. Diluting it will not alter the effectiveness of it. The process for giving them a bath with this great shampoo is simple and the steps are outlined below.

  • Gather all the supplies you will need before taking the dog into the bathroom.
  • Place dog into the bathtub that you have already filled with 3-4 inches of warm water.
  • Thoroughly wet them to the skin with warm water
  • Apply shampoo to the back of the dog and suds them up all over being sure to avoid the eyes and mouth completely.
  • Work the later in all over the dog (don’t forget underneath their stomachs and legs) lathering for at least 3-5 minutes. It’s important that you keep the shampoo on their fur for this allotted time frame to give it time to get through all the fur and kill the fleas that are on the dog.
  • Rinse them thoroughly, taking time to make sure that all the shampoo is rinsed away to avoid any skin irritation from dried shampoo.
  • If the dog is particularly dirty or has dried dirt on them, you can repeat the procedure again the same way.
  • Once the dog is completely rinsed, take a towel and vigorously dry them off getting them as dry as possible before letting them go.
  • Repeat every 7-10 days as needed.

Speed of Results

When you bathe your dog with the Ovitrol Plus flea and tick shampoo, you will notice tons of dead fleas immediately.  The product works instantly, killing the live fleas on your dog immediately and preventing eggs from hatching for 28 days.

Ingredients Used

Ovitrol Plus Flea ingThere are several ingredients that are responsible for this great flea and tick shampoo’s effectiveness. The main killing ingredients are:

  • Methoprene
  • Pyrethrins
  • Piperonyl Butoxide

These three ingredients are responsible for killing the fleas, ticks and lice and preventing the eggs from growing and hatching.  Other ingredients include oatmeal, coconut extract, lanolin, and aloe.

These are what help your dog’s coat come out shiny, smooth, silky and fresh smelling.

One of the best ways for a consumer to discover how good or bad a product is is to read customer reviews and comments.  Since most people are happy to report their experiences and opinions about a product they have purchased, you can see what they are saying and make a decision based on all the information you have learned and read about.What are Customers Saying?

Customer comments shouldn’t be the only thing you look at but they can be very valuable in giving you the kind of information you may not find on the selling site. Below are some of the things customers have to say about Ovitrol plus Flea and Tick Shampoo.

If you have been looking for a flea and tick shampoo that will actually kill the pests, this is what you want to get.  Your dog is going to be flea and tick free and smell incredible too.  Not to mention the silky soft fur they will have as well.


Flea and tick shampoos are all over the place, but this one is one that does more than just kill the fleas. It prevents the flea eggs from hatching and also kills ticks and lice too.  It’s a shampoo that you will not want to stop using once you see how great it works and how great your dog looks and feels.

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Ovitrol Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs