PetsNeedMeds Capsules for Cats and Small Dogs Extra Strength Nitenpyram Review

PetsNeedMeds Capsules for Cats and Small Dogs Extra Strength Nitenpyram Review

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Extra Strength Flea Killer without Danger

PetsNeedMeds provides this excellent flea killer that is perfect for infestations of fleas that get on your cat.  It has a full 18mg of the active ingredient Nitenpyram which kills adult fleas almost instantly.

It is a great way to get rid of bad cases of fleas and is best used in combination with a monthly treatment of some kind.

Using this product will bring your cat a lot of relief from the stresses of being bitten constantly.

Age Requirements of the Pet

Kittens as young as 4 weeks of age can be given petsneedmeds Nitenpyram capsules and there is little to no side effects or issues.  Weight ranges need to be between 2-25 pounds.  It is also safe for pregnant and nursing cats as well.

Things to Watch Out for

The majority of cats that are given this product will not have any negative reactions at all from it.  There are a few that can possibly have an allergic reaction to it in some way.  You may notice that your cat seems to be scratching more at first, usually soon after you have given them the pill. This is due to the fact that the fleas are dying and become more active trying to get away before they are killed.  It will subside after about an hour or two. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, consult your veterinarian right away to check things out.

What does it Kill/Repel

Petsneedmeds extra strength flea treatment kills all adult fleas on your cat.  If new ones jump on, they will kill them too.  You will notice the most results within the first 1-3 hours but the effects will last up to about 24 hours.  You can give this flea treatment capsule up to one time per day as long as you are battling the fleas but it is better to get them on a regular flea preventative right away.

Many flea and tick treatments can’t be used on kittens until they are 7-10 weeks of age.  Depending on the treatment you want to use as a preventative, you can use petsneedmeds extra strength flea treatment capsules until they are old enough to be on a treatment o their own.

Application Method and Instructions

PetsNeedMeds Capsules appSometimes giving pills can…BE a real pill, but there are ways around this.

The capsules are tuna flavored which help but if your cat or kitten won’t willingly take them on their own you can bury them in a ball of real tuna, their favorite canned cat food, or some other kind of food they love to gobble down.

(Don’t put it in dry food as it is too easy for them to spit it back out)

Another, easier method is to open the capsule and sprinkle the contents over their canned food. They will eat it without even batting an eye in most cases.

Speed of Results

Petsneedmeds extra strength flea treatment capsules start to work in as little as 30 minutes, killing the pesky fleas that are driving your cat nuts. It will continue to work, killing adult fleas for up to 24 hours when you can give them another dose.  The fast relief is great for your pet’s well being.

Ingredients Used

The active ingredient in petsneedmeds extra strength capsules is Nitenpyram and is responsible for killing the adult fleas that reside on your cat. This ingredient is very safe and has an extremely low incidence of side effects.

What are Customers Saying?

If you want to know how a product is doing “in the field” just take a look at customer feedback and comments.  People will often leave detailed opinions of the products they purchase which gives you a chance to see some o the inside information that isn’t usually available on the selling sites.  Below are some of the things that customers have to say about petsneedmeds extra strength flea treatment capsules.

When you’re looking for a product that delivers as promised, you can see from just a few of the many comments left by customers that this product does exactly that.  It’s a great way to win the battle against fleas for good.


Getting rid of fleas can be challenging enough without having to try and sort through the tons of flea products on the market.  Petsneedmeds extra strength flea treatment capsules will kill the adult fleas on your cat and keep killing them for 24 hours.  Another benefit is that you can give it to them once a day when you’re working on getting rid of a bad infestation.  It’s a great product to combine with a longer term preventative.

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