Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats Review

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats Review

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An Effective, Reliable Alternative to Monthly Topical Treatments

Not all pet owners want to use a monthly topical treatment or have to give their cats pills.

For those who want something that is more attach and forget, the Seresto flea and Tick Collar for Cats is perfect.

It uses a sustained release technology that provides your cat with up to 8 months of uninterrupted protection against fleas and ticks without you having to worry about applying a treatment every 30 days.

Age Requirements of the Pet

Cats and kittens can wear the Seresto flea and tick collar at 10 weeks and older.  Do not use it on any cat younger than this because their systems are not mature enough to handle the chemicals that are in the collar.

Things to Watch Out for

If your cat is nursing or pregnant, check with your veterinarian before using a Seresto flea and tick collar on them.  There are some potential side effects that can occur after you put the collar on them so you need to be watching for the following:

  • Sensitivity and irritation where the collar is
  • Itching or scratching
  • Lethargy
  • Breathing problems

If you notice any of the above symptoms contact your doctor right away so they can consult with you on what needs to be done. These kinds of reactions to the flea collar are rare, but they can happen.  Being on the lookout for these or anything other issues that may not be normal for your cat can ensure your cat’s safety.

What does it Kill/Repel

Seresto flea and tick collar for cats kills fleas, ticks, and chewing lice.  Any fleas that re-infest your cat are killed within 2 hours or so and this process is continued for up to 8 months.  Ticks are not killed instantly so you will need to carefully remove any that are attached and visible at the time the collar is put on. Lice are also killed on the dog for the first month and it will aid in the treatment and control of Sarcoptic mange as well.

Application Method and Instructions

Applying the Seresto flea and tick collar is very easy. You will only put one collar on your cat regardless of how many fleas they have. The steps for putting the collar on are outlined below.

  1. Remove the collar from the bag and unroll
  2. Insert the end of the collar through the buckle.
  3. Adjust the collar around your cat’s neck making sure that it is not too tight. A good rule of thumb is to leave just enough room for you to insert two fingers between the collar and the cat’s neck.
  4. Pull any excess collar through the loop
  5. Cut off any excess collar that extends 1 inch beyond the loop.
  6. After the collar is on, affix the reflector clips to the collar to help with nighttime visibility.
  7. Once these clips are on, the clasp to the collar can’t be reopened.
  8. Speed of Results

Speed of Results

Seresto Flea spExisting fleas will start being killed within 24 hours of applying the collar to the cat.  Any fleas that reinfest the cat will be killed within 2 hours from the time they jump onto the cat.  Prevention and protection will continue for up to 8 months.

Any pupae that is in the cat’s surroundings may continue to hatch out of their cocoons and jump onto the cat for about 6 weeks or so but this is dependent upon whether you have treated the pet’s surroundings with a treatment that kills or stops larvae and pupae from progressing and also the climate. Warmer, humid climates will have more problems with fleas.

Ticks that are already on your cat will need to be manually removed very carefully so as not to leave the head in the skin.  New ticks will be prevented within 48 hours of applying the collar and for up to 8 months. And new ticks that get on the dog are killed in as quickly as 6 hours.  Chewing lice is killed for one month and the Seresto flea and tick collar also helps in treating and controlling Sarcoptic mange as well.

Ingredients Used

The two active ingredients used in the creation of this are Flumerthrin and Imidacloprid.

Combined, they are responsible for all of the excellent flea, tick and lice killing properties of this flea and tick collar.

What are Customers Saying?

Checking customer feedback and comments is a great way to find out how a product you are interested in is performing with actual purchasers.  People are happy to voice their opinions of something they have used so the information you get is very helpful in aiding you in your decision of whether to buy it or not.  Below are some of the things people have to say about the Seresto flea and tick collar for cats.

If you are looking for a virtually attach and forget method f flea and tick control, Seresto flea and tick collar for cats will give you that completely. Once you place the collar on the cat, you won’t have to worry about it for 8 months.  It’s a powerful, effective method to keep fleas and ticks gone.


Many pet owners want an alternative to monthly spot treatments and oral pills.  Seresto gives that alternative in the form of this great flea and tick collar for cats that takes care of fleas, ticks, lice, and even helps with treating and controlling Sarcoptic mange.  It does all this for up to 8 months at a time so you don’t have to worry about remembering to treat your pet every single month. It’s a great product that will provide the flea and tick protection and prevention you want.

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