How To Tell The Difference Between Flea Bite vs Mosquito Bite

It is important to distinguish between a flea bite vs mosquito bite in order to determine the appropriate method of treatment as well as what to look for. It is easy to mix up the two different types of bikes because both are unknowingly itchy and irritating, causing you to constantly scratch or pick at the bite. In both cases, scratching the bites can cause infections. These infections are difficult to treat as the type of bite and infection will determine whether or the proper treatment is antihistamines, hydrocortisone or antibacterial medicines.

One of the main differences between flea bite vs mosquito bite is their size and appearance. Mosquito bites are bigger in size than flea bites. Also, the bites that come from fleas usually form a visible pattern or cluster of bites. Mosquito bites are single, isolated bumps that are red and itchy.

Flea Bite VS Mosquito

Another difference between flea bite vs mosquito bite is your immediate response following the bite. If you are bitten by a mosquito, you will feel the pain and itching immediately following the bite. This sensation may or may not accompany the redness and swelling of the bump initially. But with flea bites most people do not react to the bite with any sense of pain. In fact, the only people who have an immediate reaction to flea bites are those who are sensitive to the fleas saliva.

With both flea and mosquito bites, irritation and inflammation are very common sentence that eventually manifests. When mosquito bites, the more that you scratch the mosquito bites the more severe the symptoms will become. Even when they are not scratched, mosquito bites require approximately four days to heal, and even longer if the bite has been scratched. Flea bites 10 to heal much faster, sometimes in just a matter of a day or two.

The time of the day in which you get the bike can also help you determine whether you have received the bite from of flea or mosquito. Even though flea bites can occur during the daytime or nighttime, it is most common to be bit by a mosquito after the sunset and it is dark outside or in the overnight hours when we are all sleep. That means that if you wake up in the morning with a sudden bite mark, chances are you are most likely bitten by a mosquito. But on the other hand, if you happen to be out and about around the lunch hour when you receive the bite, the chance that it could be a mosquito or a flea.

When You´re Most Likely To Be Bitten

Not only does the time of the day helping to determine, or at least narrow down whether you have been bitten by a mosquito or flee, but the time of the year in which you get the bite will help you make that determination. Mosquitoes are only ramp its and hats and sunny climates.

That means that you only have to worry about mosquitoes during the summer and spring months of the year. For the majority of the country, once the fall season comes along and the temperatures began to be cooler, the mosquitoes die off until the next warm season. On the other hand, fleas are able to survive in both warm and cooler temperatures. In fact, you can get a flea bite during any season of the year in just about any location. While you are more likely to get a flea bite or two during the summer months because that is when they are at their highest point of population, you’re almost as likely to be bitten during any other season.

Another difference between flea bite vs mosquito bite is that mosquitoes usually select their host by something that attracts them. It can be the colors of your clothes, or is that it could be your perspiration, or even a cologne or perfume you are wearing. Regardless of whether the mosquito is visually attracted to you or by way of an aroma, the mosquito makes it selection based on that arousal. In contrast, fleas are particularly interested in warm-blooded mammals. And without stimulation or attraction that would a tract safely to you, it is actually the warm temperature of your blood that is calling them to your skin.