Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap (2Pack)

Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap Review

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The “Ultimate” in Flea Treatment


If you’re hesitant to use the traditional sprays and chemicals in your home to get rid of fleas, you will really love this unique and effective way to take care of flea problems in your home.

The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap has a whopping 93% catch rate and even lures fleas out of your carpeting and furniture from 30 feet away!

Now you can take care of your flea problem without having to use chemicals.

What does it Kill/Repel

Victor’s Ultimate Flea Trap doesn’t repel it lures fleas right into its trap where they can’t get away.  It takes care of the adult fleas in your home and since it draws them to it, it can even get the newly hatched young adults before they start laying eggs again.

Speed of Results

As soon as you get your flea trap set up you will start having results.   Every time the trap gets full, all you have to do is change out the sticky disk and it can refill.  Once you notice that fleas are not being trapped, you will also notice that there are fewer fleas in the house in general.  It’s a great, non-chemical way to take care of things in a way that you can SEE the results.

Application Method and Instructions

Victor M230 appSetting up the Victor Ultimate Flea Traps is pretty fast and easy. For best results, get several to place in different places around the home where the fleas seem to be the densest. The steps for setting the traps up are outlined below.

  1. Using the convenient thumb grips, you will need to separate the bottom tray from the top canopy of the trap.
  2. Put the light socket into the readymade hole in the top of the canopy.
  3. Use the included threaded bulb protector to secure the socket in place and be sure not to over tighten it.
  4. Once the socket is securely set up, insert the bulb (also included) and twist in carefully. Don’t over twist.
  5. Take the tab on the glue disk and release the paper from it. Carefully place the glue disk in the bottom of the trap.
  6. Put the canopy of the trap over the bottom tray and press down firmly so it is reassembled.
  7. Don’t forget to remove this release paper or the trap won’t work the way it is supposed to.
  8. Place the traps where fleas are causing the most problems. You will need to be near outlets if at all possible since these use lights to help lure the fleas in. Suggestions would be where your pet sleeps, plays and in darker corners.

Ingredients Used

This may be surprising to find out that there are no ingredients in the flea trap other than the sticky disks that have sweet smelling glue on them and a light bulb.  There are no harmful chemicals or pesticides at all.

Things to Watch Out for

Victors Ultimate Flea Traps are non poisonous and not dangerous for children and pets to be around. The worst thing to watch out for is that the bulb could get stepped on.  Children should still be taught that these traps are not toys and should never be touched, moved or played with.  Pets will more than likely not bother them at all.

Safe for Pets and Children to be Around?

Yes this flea trap is safe for children and pets of all kinds to be around.  No need to try and hide it if where you’re having flea problems is out in the open somewhere.

Safe for Plants/flowers?

Victors Ultimate Flea Trap is not meant to be used outside, although it can be used on a covered porch or in the garage.  It will not cause any harm to plants or flowers and would not come into contact with them in any way.

What are Customers Saying?

If you’re considering getting Victor’s Ultimate Flea traps for your home, you might be interested to hear others’ experiences with it and how it is doing for them.  Customer comments are a great way to get some performance information about this unique product so you can decide if it’s what you want or not.  Below are some of the things customers have to say about Victors Ultimate Flea Trap.

This unusual and unique method of taking care of your flea problem gives you the peace of mind you need by not having to use dangerous chemicals and by also taking care of the flea problem in your home.


There is a one year guarantee on manufacturer’s defects if your tap doesn’t come on or is broken in some way when you get it.  This guarantee doesn’t cover for cases where it is dropped or misused in some way.


Now you can take care of fleas in your home without worry about chemical sprays that can affect your pets and your family members. These traps come fully assembled with very little involved in getting them set up. You will be able to see the results yourself so you will know that they are working.  Refills are available and they can be moved all around the house.  Non poisonous and safe around other pets and children.

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Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap (2Pack)