When Can Puppies Get Flea Treatment

Even though puppies are young, they can still be vulnerable to parasites like fleas if they are mixing with other dogs inside or outside the home. To make sure that puppies stay parasite-free, it is important to regularly apply a preventative flea treatment to avoid an infestation occurring, however you should always take care to choose one that is appropriate for your puppy’s age as some treatments cannot be used on very young dogs.

Some flea treatments are suitable for use on puppies from as little as four weeks of age, so if breeders discover that their litters are suffering from an infestation they can apply an appropriate treatment for the problem. However other treatments are only suitable for use at a later stage of the puppy’s development, often after 6 or 8 weeks of age. Some products are only able to be used on puppies older than 12 weeks. There is also your puppy’s weight to take into consideration as, even though they may be older than the recommended age, they may not yet have reached the minimum weight for your chosen product. Be careful to weigh your puppy before giving them any flea treatment as you do not want to exceed the recommended dosage which could cause your puppy to become ill.

Spot On Flea Treatments For Puppies

Most spot on treatments are suitable for use on puppies from around 8 weeks of age or 2 kg in weight. If you have a very small breed of dog, however, this type of treatment may not be suitable for use even if you puppy is older than 8 weeks because of their low body weight. Spot on flea products are great at killing any existing fleas on your puppy within 24 hours and also offer long lasting protection against further infestations, often for as long as one or two months. Although these products can be expensive, it is better to prevent infestations from occurring in the first place than to try to treat the problem once it has arisen as the associated costs of treating your home can mount up.

Puppy Flea Tablets

Some flea tablets can be given to puppies who are as young as 4 weeks of age or from 1 kg in weight. Although flea tablets can be very effective in eliminating adult fleas, they do not have any lasting effect so a further treatment may be required at a later date and the home will also have to be treated for fleas, larvae and eggs too.

Puppies Under 4 Weeks Or Under 1 Kg In Weight

For younger puppies or those who have a body weight of under 1 kg, it may be necessary to manually remove any fleas and eggs from their coat yourself. Chemical treatments will not be appropriate on such a small dog and therefore, you will need to buy a flea comb and bathe your puppy in soapy water. Wash your puppy with dishwashing soap, taking care not to get it in their eyes, then brush their coat carefully with the flea comb, picking off the live fleas as you find them and dropping them into boiling water.